PAVASYRUP (High Maltose Corn Syrup)

High Maltose Syrup Is a colorless, odourless, viscous sweet syrup. It is manufactured by saccharifying liquefied starch with Maltogenic Eno-Enzymes. Maltose Syrups are characterized by a low content of Glucose and high content of Maltose. Because of the low content of glucose, High Maltose Syrup shows a low tendency to crystallize and they are relatively non- hygroscopic.


Moisture and texture control in soft / hard confectionery.Moisture retention and color control in the final product .Control of fermentation via balanced fermentable sugar spectrum. Control of softness and freezing characteristics. No crystallization less hygroscopic product Viscosity and osmotic profiles, sweetness control.

Fermentation control

Bodying and sweetness in fruit canning Moisture retention and color in final product Candies for high sucrose replacement, less hygroscopic product Stabilization of flavor profile during shelf life.


High Maltose Syrup is stored in new HDPEbarrels (300 kgs Net) and is transported loose in tankers.


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture.

Technical Specifications