PAVATRIN (Dextrin)

A.  Yellow Dextrin

Yellow dextrin is manufactured by partially  hydrolyzing  Starch,  using the dry roasting method in the presence of a catalyst: The dextrinization chemically reduces the Starch molecules into smaller components.

Yellow dextrin has low viscosity and is  very  sticky  and  hygroscopic  in nature. Used in the foundry as a binder for cores. Yellow dextrin helps in increasing dry strength at the same time being completely soluble in water. This

product also finds its application as a binder for mould and core washes. Its binding abilities’ make it an essential ingredient in various other applications, such as Adhesives, Gums, Pastes Pyrotechnics.

B.   White Dextrin

White dextrin is manufactured by partially hydrolyzing Starch, using of a catalyst. The dextri nisation chemically reduces the Starch molecules into smaller components. White dextrin is white in color but with reduced viscosities. it’s cold water solubility’s rang from 25% to 65% White dextrin produces a light color ed paste that set to soft but a definite gel. The higher solubility white dextrin can be used at much higher concentration to yield very soft gels. Its solution is a half –transparent plaster. White dextrin has good glutinosity and resolution. It is an indispensable ingredient for medicine, food and health care industry. It is also used as an additive in the certain applications for the manufacture of textiles, adhesives and dye’s.

Technical Specifications


White or creamish white

Yellow powder

Particle Size

To pass 85 mesh BS

To pass 85 mesh BS

Moisture content (% wt. max.)





Cold water solubles (% wt. max.)


25 to 85


90 to 95

Reducing sugar as Dextrose (% wt. max.)